A Shop Update & New June Flavors

First, an exciting shop update!

Our shops will be opening for normal service *scoops and cones* next Wednesday, June 3rd! For this first phase, our hours will be 2pm - 9pm, Wednesday through Sunday. It has been of utmost importance that our team create an environment in our shops where our customers and staff feel safe, so we have worked very hard to create a plan where that is possible. Follow our instagram as more details unfold over the next few days on what this looks like. 
Our shops will still be offering *pre ordering* for pints for those who would prefer contactless service or to guarantee their order. Read all about our NEW June flavors below! 
At Frankie & Jo’s, we love a bit of nostalgia and creating new traditions for you. To celebrate the reopening of our shops and our favorite season of the year, we created three seasonal ice creams that will surely remind you of childhood, but in classic F&J style, will also remind you it’s 2020. Aquafaba maple mallow fluff, chewy gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, and a coconut oat strawberry milk are just a few bits of magic we created for this month’s June flavor launch.



Cashew Milk & Cookies: Inspired by memories of dipping a gooey cookie into a glass of cold milk, we decided to make this nostalgic experience F&J approved. Heaps of soft, chewy Hot Cakes chocolate chip cookies are layered with gooey ribbons of dark chocolate sauce in our brown sugar vanilla ice cream.  
Harvey Strawberry Milk: To celebrate Pride month, we brought back this beloved ice cream, one of the most popular F&J flavors for the third time in a row. Local, organic strawberries are blended into our coconut oat milk base, then sprinkled with chia seeds and swirled with house-made strawberry jam. We dedicate this flavor to Harvey Milk and all the incredible work & hope he brought to all people.  We are donating 5 % of sales of this flavor this month (2.5% to the Harvey Milk Foundation, 1.25% to the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance's Good Farmer Fund , and 1.25% to Seattle Farmers Market Association's Farm Relief Fund).
Rocky Road: A new tradition of *rocky road* has just begun. This rich chocolate, coconut and cashew milk ice cream swirled with toasted walnuts and our own maple syrup aquafaba marshmallow fluff may quickly become your new favorite. Also, this ice cream is alternatively sweetened using coconut sugar and maple syrup.

*June seasonal flavors are available for nationwide shipping ordering today and in store scoops, waffles cones, pints Wednesday, June 3rd.*


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