July Flavors are Here!

Summertime is here! It's officially ice cream season, and we’re feeling especially celebratory, playful, and bright. We’ve just opened our newest shop in California, we’ve got some MAJOR news coming for our Seattle community, and our events series is in full swing.  It feels like the busy summers of our youth, spent studded with plenty of time outside, snacking on classic treats, and relishing in the beauty of all of the hyper-seasonal fruits of the Pacific Northwest. Our flavors this month are inspired by the childlike imagination and wonder in all of us - get ready for a sun-soaked, flavor-packed, and utterly delicious July. 


We can’t think of a better summertime memory than eating s'mores in the mountains, and this creation truly transports us back to nights spent under the stars. We start by hot-smoking chocolate over oak wood in our own kitchen to create the most complex, ultra-chocolatey ice cream, studded with mouthwatering, crunchy cinnamon-oat-maple graham cracker, and finished with a swirl of brûléed marshmallow fluff throughout. This flavor is exactly like that perfectly torched, ooey-gooey bite shared around the campfire - decadent, comforting, and so so delicious.

Strawberry Celebration Cake 

When the weather heats up, it takes us back to cherished childhood memories of celebration - birthday cakes, days at the beach, and all of the moments spent picking beautiful, organic strawberries and the gardens of the Pacific Northwest. Introducing, Strawberry Celebration Cake: an ode to this gorgeous, quintessentially childlike summer fruit. Perfectly creamy vanilla ice cream is blended with fluffy, moist strawberry cake and swirls of ripe, juicy, and totally mouthwatering strawberry jam throughout. For all the strawberry lovers - us included - this is a reason to celebrate the child in all of us with one of summertime's most beloved flavors.

Almond Butter & Jelly 

We can’t think of a more charmingly youthful classic than the playful combination of nut butter and jelly, so we decided to re-create this fan favorite snack, the F&J way. Ultra-creamy and rich almond butter ice cream is swirled with the ripest, dreamiest, bright purple mixed berry jam of raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries, all from Silva Farms in beautiful Oak Harbor, Washington, and studded with gems of decadent, delicious almond butter fudge throughout. The perfect balance of salty-yet-sweet, familiar-yet-new, this flavor honors the kid in all of us. 


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