January Flavors

It is a new year and a new decade, 

and what could be more exciting than giving you something they request month after month: more flavors that are cane-sugar free. We love creating products at Frankie & Jo’s that can be sweet, creamy, and satisfying while also a mindful choice for your body. 

So this month, all three seasonal flavors are made from alternative sweeteners: California dates, maple syrup, and coconut sugar. This may be our new favorite way to start the year.  



ALMOND BUTTER CUP:  For this ice cream, we are calling upon that classic and delicious combination of chocolate, almonds and orange. A creamy, rich chocolate ice cream sweetened with coconut sugar and maple syrup is laced with a hint of orange zest and blessed with perfectly rich, salty almond butter cups. 
MAPLE PECAN CRUNCH: We love the simple ingredient list of this ice cream. A maple syrup and coconut sugar-sweetened ice cream with lots of crunchy pecan and oat granola. 

RGE COOKIES & CREAM: It’s back for the month! Our creamy date shake ice cream swirled with dark chocolate magic shell and chunks of perfectly golden chocolate chip cookies. The deconstructed version of our famous ice cream sandwich collab with Rachael Devaux.

All three flavors are available starting today through the *end of the month* in our scoop shops and online.


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