Welcoming the Season of Festivity, Harvest & Dreams. Hello, October.

It is officially October, and we absolutely love the singular feeling of autumnal magic in the air. This is a month of so many delightful contrasts and transitions, with endless coziness, harmony, and balance existing alongside mystery, mischief, and change. 

This month, we’ve created a new flavor (with a familiar friend!) and revisited a few magical fan-favorites. These ice creams are comforting yet mystical, and remind us of the intangible essence of this beautiful, profound season of eclipses, foliage, and dreams.  And in an effort to bring our seasonals to more of our customers outside of Seattle, not only will these flavors be available in shops, but we are offering Dream State and Night Sky as part of our shippable Cosmos 4-pack, and RGE "Twix" as a standalone item for online ordering!

Dream State 

We are thrilled to bring back this ultra-creamy, customer-beloved, majestic pistachio dream! Known for their vibrant green hue, vitamin-rich properties and reputation as a natural sleep aid thanks to their melatonin content, pistachios are the ultimate star of this nourishing, velvety ice cream. To finish, we sprinkle in pieces of salty sweet pistachio-almond fudge throughout, creating an ultra-powerful, vivid pistachio experience. This flavor has a bit of a celestial quality, and trust us - its pure magic.  

Night Sky

There is no cozier feeling than staring into a star-lit, chilly autumn sky. We’ve created the deepest, darkest chocolate ice cream, made extra complex with a touch of activated charcoal and swirled with dark chocolate sauce and perfectly chewy, satisfying chocolate cookies throughout. This flavor embodies the energy we find in an illuminated October night - depth, mischief, and velvety comfort in one delicious, starry bite.

RGE “Twix”

This month, we are teaming up once again with registered dietician, author, and health & wellness blogger Rachael Devaux! We love Rachael's famous “Twix”  recipe, and we decided to combine her take on this nostalgic candy with one of our most beloved ice creams. Our luscious caramel date shake base is studded with crumbly, buttery shortbread chunks, swirled with a coconut sugar caramel, and finished with thick, gooey chocolate throughout to create the most epic result: an alternatively sweetened, deconstructed childhood favorite, given the RGE x Frankie & Jo’s treatment. Mind-blowing, delicious, and oh-so fun, this one is not to be missed!


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