Hello, Sweetness. February is here.

You know it as the shortest month - but to us, February is also one of the sweetest.  The year still feels fresh, and admiring the winter beauty of bare trees against the gray sky gives us a warm, optimistic feeling about all the good things that are yet to come. This month is all about giving and receiving love, and we’ve made you three seasonal creations that are indulgent, blissful, and oh so delicious. And for an extra treat, this month we’ve also added in one limited-edition, super-special bonus ice cream. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with these flavors! 

And even bigger news - starting today, February 1st, all of our everyday flavors - AND seasonals - are back for nationwide shipping! ORDER NOW.

Molten Chocolate Cake Molten Chocolate Cake is an all-time customer favorite, and our version of the indulgent molten chocolate cake dessert. A rich and salty chocolate ice cream is layered with ribbons of crunchy magic shell, silky rose chocolate sauce, and gooey molten cake pieces throughout. This chocolate lover’s dream is truly out of this world - what’s not to love?

Cherry Velvet Heartbeet Say hello to one of the loveliest flavors we’ve ever created, with a few new updates.  Our creamy coconut-oat ice cream base is infused with heart-opening hawthorn berries and blended with perfectly pink cherries and vibrant fresh beets, then layered with our ultra-moist chocolate eggplant cake. Finished with a swirl of dark cherry jam, this flavor is delectable, luscious, and straight from our hearts. 

Cashew Cookie Crunch We wanted to create an ice cream that sings praises to the incredible and delicious cashew nut - which, did you know, is botanically a seed? This gooey, crunchy, roasty and indulgent ice cream starts with a creamy roasted cashew base, gems of crunchy vanilla and cashew butter sandwich cookies, and a swirl of impossibly delicious coconut dulce de leche. As if that wasn’t enough, we included a smattering of roasted cashew nuts for that magic finish.  This one is pure indulgence - time to treat yourself to some self-love. 

Superdreamsicle We love preserving fruit at its ripest, and then dropping a little surprise summer sunshine amidst the gloom of winter - and we are doing just that with this grown-up take on the nostalgic creamsicle pops of your youth. We froze perfectly ripe and juicy apricots from Rod Grams farm in Cashmere, WA, and blended them with the bright-lights of winter fruit - blood oranges from Pearson Ranch, CA. This tangy, delicious sorbet is then swirled with our beloved brown sugar vanilla ice cream, and the result is pure magic - a vibrant ray of sunshine on a winter day. This is a super-special, limited-supply flavor that’s not to be missed, so be sure to stock up now. 

Available in our scoop shops today until March 1st, and now shipping online nationwide. 


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