February Flavors

For February, a month of celebrating love

and the transformational effect it has on us and those around us, we wanted to express the beauty and nourishment of self-care through our seasonal ice creams. To make this happen, we partnered with Sun Potion, a California based company that is dedicated to health, happiness, and well-being through the use of medicinal plants, superfoods, and tonic herbs. Within each ice cream flavor, we incorporate Sun Potion adaptogens to showcase and further our mission of creating a beautiful balance of mindful ingredients through sweet, plant-based indulgences. 



CHOCOLATE SPICY SUGARCOMB: In this rich 85% dark chocolate cashew and coconut milk ice cream, we add Sun Potion’s nourishing Reishi mushroom powder for immune support and stress relief. To keep things interesting, we swirl gooey cayenne sugarcomb candy throughout creating a subtle spice while still keepin’ things nice. 

TOCOCCINO: Rise & Shine! We introduce to you a creamy coffee ice cream that is sweetened only with coconut sugar and maple syrup. For an extra creamy boost, we add Sun Potion’s Tocos powder, a healthy source of Vitamin E, with swirls of dulce de leche and pieces of our house-made ground espresso bean chocolate bar.
VELVET HEARTBEET: For this Frankie & Jo’s favorite, we open our hearts to this beautiful pink cashew and coconut ice cream made with roasted red beets and medicinal hawthorn berries. To finish, pieces of decadent chocolate ganache layer cake infused with Sun Potion’s Ashitaba powder, a rich source of vitamin B, are studded throughout. 


All flavors are now available online and in our Seattle scoop shops through March 4. 


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