December Flavors

We’ve welcomed December,

a time that is overflowing with tradition and magic by creating flavors that are our versions of classic holiday favorites: refreshing chocolate peppermint, perfectly spiced nog, and the sweetest pudding. It’s time to make new traditions and we’re here to help! 



CURED PERSIMMON PUDDING: Back for the third time, this butterscotch ice cream is our version of sticky toffee pudding. Perfectly ripe persimmons are hung in our kitchen for 6 weeks to cure (a technique called “Hoshigaki”, a Japanese style of drying persimmons). Once cured, these gems are cut up, baked into rich spiced cake pieces and folded throughout the ice cream with magical ribbons of gooey caramel. 

OATNOG: Frankie & Jo’s twist on that classic holiday drink! Meet your new favorite oat and coconut milk ice cream infused with cinnamon and nutmeg. The perfect accompaniment to your holiday desserts. 

PEPPERMINT SUPERCOOKIE: A festive, rich chocolate peppermint ice cream with the chewiest peppermint supercookie dough bites mixed throughout. We bet you would never guess this flavor is alternatively sweetened with coconut sugar! 

All three flavors are available starting today through the end of the year in our scoop shops and online.


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