Big Sur is BACK, with a Cocokind Glow-Up

That's right - Big Sur is BACK, with a beautiful new addition. We teamed up with our friends (and new Bay Area neighbors!) at Cocokind to give this beloved flavor a skin friendly glow-up - say hello to Big Sur: Cocokind’s Chlorophyll Swirl.

Founded in San Francisco by Priscilla Tsai, Cocokind is a brand we love, merging results-driven skincare, community, and sustainability to consistently challenge the status quo in the beauty industry.

Inspired by Cocokind's new Chlorophyll Discoloration Serum, this is the refreshing, creamy, California dream of a flavor you have been waiting for.

Our signature Big Sur coconut-oat base is lightly infused with chamomile for a delicate, floral, silky and ultra-sophisticated ice cream. We then swirl in beautifully blue-green chlorophyll, an antioxidant-rich plant pigment that boosts radiance from the inside out, for the most gorgeous, ocean wave-like creation.

Available NOW in all of our scoop shops in Seattle and Marin, until sell out. Scoops and cones, and we will hand-pack pints to go upon request - grab this dreamy collab treat while supplies last.


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