August Flavors have arrived!

The long, dreamy days of August are here, and we are feeling so grateful for all of the growth and change we are experiencing as a company - new shops, new concepts, and new journeys abound, yet we continue to find grounding in lessons of the past. Ice cream serves as the vehicle of tradition for many of us - a tool families and communities use to honor, bond, and remember, to celebrate…to slow down, reflect, and value the little moment’s spent in each other's company.  Creating these traditions matters, and this is why we make ice cream.

This month, we honor this wisdom through beautiful, seasonal produce and flavor combinations evoking era’s gone: tangy blackberries, juicy stone fruits, ripe bananas, and perfectly old-fashioned desserts. Get ready for the wistful magic of late summer with sweet flavors, gorgeous weather, warm memories, and gratitude.

Blackberry Lemon Cheesecake: We can’t think of a more classic pairing than delicious, creamy cheesecake and ripe, juicy summer berries. Gorgeously purple blackberry ice cream is swirled with mouthwatering chunks of oat maple graham cracker and tangy, creamy, probiotic lemon cheesecake, and finished with a swirl of bright blackberry jam throughout. Made with organic blackberries from Silva farms in beautiful Oak Harbor, WA, this flavor is fresh, bright, and comforting - all the things we love about summertime. 

Peachy Plum: There's nothing quite like stone fruit season, and the memory of taking that first bite straight from the tree, underneath the hot sun. We take the unmistakably sweet, juicy flesh of peak seasonal peaches and plums and blend it into creamy coconut milk to create the most gorgeous, lush, organic peach and plum sherbet - made so simple, from only five ingredients - with stone fruit sourced from Collins Farms in the Yakima Valley. Tangy, creamy, delicious, and delicately pink like a late August sunset, this mouth-watering sherbet is a stone fruit lover’s dream. 

Banana Butterscotch Parfait: A tried and true, iconic dessert, made the F&J way. Creamy, rich banana butterscotch ice cream is swirled with mouthwatering butterscotch sauce, and studded with gems of crunchy, delicious vanilla wafers throughout. The perfect amount of salty-sweet and familiar yet unexpected, this is the charmingly old-fashioned parfait we dream of - just pure, mouthwatering magic.

Available now in all of our scoop shops, and shipping nationwide, until September 5th.


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