August Flavors are here!

Hello, August.

The long, dreamy, dog days of summer are here, and our flavors this month are inspired by that reminiscent, wistful feeling that always seems to come towards the end of the season. 

 Peak seasonal fruits are the stars of these bright creations, evocative of classic retro desserts: herbaceous basil, tangy blackberries, juicy peaches and colorful passion fruit. Get ready for the nostalgic magic of summer, with the sweet flavors and gorgeous weather making way for endless emotions and beloved memories.


Basil Blackberry Buckle: We love incorporating herbs into our ice cream, and the clean, bright, uplifting flavor of sweet basil is pure summertime. A charmingly old-fashioned dessert that we think deserves a comeback, this basil blackberry buckle is a playful combination of ultra-creamy and herbaceous sweet basil ice cream studded with pieces of basil buckle and ripe, juicy blackberry jam folded throughout.  

Peaches and Cream: There's nothing quite like taking that first bite into a ripe peach during the hot summer months. In this sunny approach to a poolside classic, we take that unmistakably sweet, yellow peach flesh blended with pinky-orange peach skin to create the most gorgeous, vibrant sorbet, swirled through a delicate sweet vanilla ice cream.  Reminiscent of a late August sunset, this mouth-watering, bright duo has all the magic of that special summer day you always remember.

Passion Fruit Parfait: We dreamed up this flavor inspired by summer florals - did you know that passion fruit is actually the edible component of the passion flower? The unique, complex, sweet-but-also-tart flavor and fragrant aroma of the passion fruit is hard to compare, which adds to the whimsical eating experience.  A gorgeous, luxurious, and decadent passion fruit base is blended with pillowy coconut for a harmonious, jewel toned experience throughout.  There is nothing typical about this throwback parfait - just pure, mouthwatering magic.

All three flavors are now available today through Wednesday, September 7 in our scoop shops.


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