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August Flavors

Peak produce season is here! since being plant-based + vegetable-focused is *who we are* & always will be, THIS is the moment we’ve been waiting for all year.



FIRE-ROASTED CHOCOLATE ZUCCHINI: Our friends at Delancey fire-roasted zucchini in their wood-fired oven until perfectly blistered. the zucchini is then blended into our *naturally sweetened* coconut & cashew milk chocolate base with dark chocolate magic shell & pieces of moist zucchini cake.

FIELD & ORCHARD: We shuck the sweetest corn, cut it off the cob & blend it into our organic coconut milk. then, we bake the chewiest masa cornmeal blondie pieces to fold in with a house-made tart cherry-tarragon jam.

TOMATO MELON MINT: We take the sweetest watermelon from Alvarez organic farms and the juiciest heirloom tomatoes from Tonnemakers farm and blend them into our organic coconut milk base. To finish, we chiffonade fresh mint leaves & sprinkle throughout creating an insanely creamy & refreshing scoop.



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