April Flavors are here - Magic Maker's edition!

Introducing the winners of our Magic Maker contest!

April is a time that connects us to a sense of childlike wonder - being the first full month of springtime and the beginning of the astrological new year, everything feels youthful, energized, and primed for growth. This month, we are so excited to introduce our Magic Maker series. Our creative team chose 3 winners out of hundreds of entries, and while each Magic Maker is wholly unique, they all share the common thread of ice cream being linked to a cherished childhood memory. 

Hummingbird Cake - Created by Alexis Spies

Introducing Hummingbird Cake: a unique, southern tradition brought to us by proud PNW native Alexis (who, fun fact, happens to like to eat ice cream with a fork). A tropical cross between banana bread and pineapple-upside down cake, Hummingbird Cake is a delicious celebration of the moments we always want to go back to. A decadent roasted banana and cinnamon ice cream base is blended with moist, spiced chunks of banana-coconut cake and threaded with fluffy, rich pillows of “buttercream” frosting and pineapple jam throughout. As sweet and lovely as a beautiful hummingbird on a southern spring day, this flavor is full of tradition and wonder. 

Black Sesame Fudge - Created by Emily Kubischta

A flavor created by a member of our own F&J family - more black sesame, please! Before joining our team in Seattle, Emily grew up in southern California in an area that had great diversity in people, culture, and cuisine, which inspired her love of everything black sesame starting in childhood. Nutty, rich, and complex, a black sesame ice cream base is studded with chunks of black sesame fudge and finished with a swirl of velvety, coconut caramel. Black Sesame Fudge is decadent, satisfying, and rooted in family and love. 


Scout’s Caramel Cookie - Created by Rosie Marsters

Scout’s Caramel Cookie is a flavor inspired by childhood memories on the east coast with a newfound exploration of the PNW. Rosie grew up as a girl scout in a small New England town, now working as a dietitian in Seattle. She dreamed up a flavor that honored both her memories of selling Girl Scout cookies with her passion for nutrition, and her newfound love of the outdoors. An alternatively sweetened, salty, ooey gooey caramel ice cream base is threaded with chunks of shortbread cookie, mouthwatering coconut macaroon, dark chocolate shell, and rich coconut caramel sauce throughout. Packed with familiar flavors made sophisticated, Scout’s Caramel Cookie is the childhood memory around a campfire and held forever in your heart.  



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