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July Flavors

For this month’s flavors, we wanted to express the essence of summer - plump juicy berries, the freshest greens, & sweet sunny days. So, we have created three flavors that - to us - exude just that.


Berries & Fermented Cream: A one part vegan creme fraiche ice cream made from our own fermented cashew milk plus one part triple organic Washington berry coconut milk ice cream swirled with our house-made berry jam & almond flour lemon cake pieces.

Taro Root Sea Foam: We gently roast taro roots and blend them it into our coconut milk base. we then mix in house-made sea foam candy (an aerated caramel) and Theo Chocolate organic cocoa nibs. it’s ridiculously creamy, crunchy, and gooey.

Kale Lime Leaf: We steep fragrant lime leaves in our coconut milk base and then blend in whole leaves of organic lacinato kale from oxbow farms.


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