Veracruz Vanilla

For this flavor, we are shining a light on vanilla’s native country of Mexico. Our co-owner Autumn Martin journeyed down to Veracruz to visit Gaya Foods, Mexico’s largest vanilla grower. We blend their vanilla beans and extract into our coconut and oat milk base which is swirled with vanilla caramel & chunks of the chewiest brown sugar blondie pieces. 

Ingredients: Coconut milk* (coconuts, water), cane sugar*, gluten-free oats*, cocoa butter, coconut oil, vanilla extract, vanilla beans, sea salt, nutritional yeast. Blondie: Brown sugar*, gluten-free oat flour, safflower oil, almond flour, flax meal, tapioca starch, vanilla extract, baking powder, sea salt. Vanilla Caramel: Coconut milk* (coconuts, water), cane sugar*, vanilla extract, sea salt.


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