Velvet Heartbeet

For this Frankie & Jo’s favorite, we open our hearts to this beautiful pink cashew and coconut ice cream made with roasted red beets and medicinal hawthorn berries. To finish, pieces of decadent chocolate ganache layer cake infused with Sun Potion’s ashitaba powder, a rich source of vitamin B, are studded throughout. 

Ingredients: Cashew milk, coconut milk*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter, coconut oil, brown sugar, beets, hawthorn berries*, vanilla extract, sea salt, beet powder, nutritional yeast. Ganache cake: gluten-free oat flour, cane sugar*, 85% chocolate*, coconut milk*, coconut oil, cocoa powder*, apple cider vinegar, vanilla extract, baking soda, Sun Potion’s Ashitaba powder, sea salt.

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