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Missed out on our in-store pint sale? You're in luck.  For a very limited-time, we are offering a last-chance package (including, a 5th pint!) of some of our favorite seasonal flavors - Carrot Cake, Cherry Velvet Heartbeet, Chocolate Almond Supercup, Superbutter Blondie, and Tahini Banana Superchunk - for nationwide shipping. Grab these flavors before they're gone!

*Please note - 5-pack may only be shipped by itself with flat-rate shipping. If added to another pint bundle, there will be an additional fee.* 

Flavors in the 5-Pack:

Carrot Cake: A creamy, caramelized carrot ice cream swirled “nuttercream” cream cheese frosting, pieces of spiced carrot cake, and pineapple-ginger jam throughout.

Cherry Velvet Heartbeet: Creamy coconut-oat ice cream infused with heart-opening hawthorn berries, pink cherries and fresh beets, then layered with ultra-moist chocolate eggplant cake and a swirl of dark cherry jam.

Chocolate Almond Supercup: Alternatively-sweetened chocolate ice cream with rich, satisfying chocolate almond butter cup chunks throughout.

Superbutter Blondie: Alternatively-sweetened almond butter ice cream with creamy caramel and pieces of chewy blondies throughout.

Tahini Banana Superchunk:  Ultra-creamy tahini banana ice cream with a rich chocolate swirl and walnut chocolate cookie chunks throughout.