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Summer, Shipped. We made 4 hyper-seasonal flavors that embody the magic of summer. Available for a limited time only, don't let the summer sweetness slip away.

Pickled BlueberrySalty and sweet, tart and tangy, pickled blueberries are our jam! We love Bow Hill blueberries, who grow both heirloom and classic varieties organically in the Skagit Valley, and are proud to use their perfectly ripe berries in this magical ice cream. Pickled blueberry coconut-oat ice cream swirled with pickled blueberry jam and crispy crunchy pieces of tarragon pie crust - YES.

Strawberry Tomato: We love putting vegetables in our ice cream, but do you know tomatoes are actually a fruit!? Paired perfectly with strawberries, you will love this ice cream if you like the savory/sweet spectrum. Fresh, local tomato and strawberry jam is swirled throughout a sun-dried tomato ice cream - equally delicious and curious.

Mint Chip: We love putting our spin on classic ice cream traditions. So, this ultra-creamy cool mint ice cream is not only freckled with dark chocolate but colored that nostalgic green color with spirulina - a superfood form of blue-green algae. Plant magic embodied!

Rocky Road: Our version of one of the best ice creams of all time. A super chocolaty ice cream with bits of roasted walnut and perfect pillows of vegan marshmallows. A classic done so right.

*Please note - Summer's Best 4-pack may only be shipped by itself with $20 flat-rate shipping. If added to a 4 pint bundle, there will be an additional $20 fee.*