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Introducing the Supercup - a mouthwatering combination of chocolate and almond butter to create an alternatively sweetened, fresh take on the famous nut butter cup we all know and love. A creamy, maple-syrup chocolate ice cream is studded with chunks of super rich dark chocolate almond butter cups. Made extra magical with chaga, an antioxidant-rich superfood, and medjool dates, coconut sugar, and just the right amount of sea salt, this one is super nourishing, super special, and sure to become a new January classic.

Ingredients: Coconut milk* (coconuts, water), coconut sugar*, cocoa powder, cocoa butter*, maple syrup*, gluten-free oats*, coconut oil*, sea salt*, nutritional yeast. Almond Butter Cup: almond butter*, coconut oil*, cocoa powder, maple syrup, medjool date paste*, coconut sugar*, sea salt*, vanilla extract, chaga.


Our ice cream is best eaten when softened. Place on your kitchen counter for 5-10 minutes before enjoying.