Blue Moon

An homage to the Blue Moon occurring on October 31, this playful blue chamomile-infused ice cream reminds us to engage with the energy that accompanies a full moon. Dyed blue with spirulina, swirled with vanilla lavender marshmallow fluff and sprinkled with pieces of soft, chewy mochi pillows, this ice cream is light and nostalgic yet dreamy and complex.

Ingredients: Coconut milk*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter, coconut oil, gluten-free oats*, chamomile tea, vanilla extract, spirulina powder*, sea salt, nutritional yeast. Mochi: coconut milk*, sweet rice flour, cane sugar*, baking powder, vanilla extract, spirulina*, sea salt. Marshmallow Fluff: cane sugar*, aqua faba, brown rice syrup*, agar agar, cream of tartar, sea salt, vanilla extract, lavender.

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