Ice cream made
from the purest


We absolutely love the process of making our ice cream. Nothing is more satisfying than taking a cashew nut, sprouting it overnight, making milk from it the next day and using that same, fresh nut milk to churn into ice cream hours later.

We do not use gums or stabilizers to change the texture or increase the shelf life of our ice creams and sorbets.

frankie & jo's plant based nut milk ice cream
frankie & jo's plant based ice cream


Most of our ice cream is made with a combination of sprouted cashew nut milk and coconut milk, which we find yields the most luscious, creamy texture.

We also make pure coconut-based ice cream if you happen to be allergic to nuts.

Our coconut milk is gum-free and our nut milk is made by us daily with sprouted nuts and filtered water – absolutely nothing else.


We love the taste of freshly pureed vegetables and fruits. All of our sorbets are made with whole produce that we either press with our juicer or puree by hand.

All of our sorbet is made with organic cane sugar.

frankie & jo's plant based sorbet
frankie & jo's plant based ice cream


Most of our ice cream and sorbet is made with organic cane sugar. However, we have many beautiful flavors made with alternative sugars, such as organic medjool & deglet dates grown near Coachella in Southern California. We also love using maple syrup which is in our gluten free waffle cone. It is so important to us that we create an ice cream that anybody can enjoy, no matter their food preferences.


Our maple vanilla waffle cone batter is homemade and is free of gluten. All of our brownie and cookie bites, pie crusts and crumbles are made by us, in our kitchen and are also all gluten-free.